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Supplying the UK Since 1972

Delivered From Stock Within One Week

Manufactured in The UK & Europe

Technical Support With System Advice

Supplying the UK Since 1972

Same Day Quotations With Prompt Delivery To Any Destination

Manufactured & Tested in The UK & Europe

Technical Support With System Advice

AEL has been established since 1972 and by Utilising our Long Standing Relationships with the best Suppliers and Brands we can continue to drive both the quality of AEL Products and Services as well as influence the use of Environmentally Friendly Practices during manufacture

AEL require Suppliers to :-

  • Have a commitment to Prevent Pollution
  • Compliance with Local Environmental Legislation
  • Adoption of Formal Environmental Management Systems
  • A Commitment to Continual Improvement in Environmental Performance
  • A Commitment to Communicate Environmental Matters to Employees

AEL and its employees are also committed to:-

  • Recycling and Reducing Resources where possible
  • Waste Management
  • Integrating Environmental Considerations into Business Decisions
  • Increase Consumer Awareness to Energy Efficient Products

AEL and all the employees believe that no job is so important and no service is so urgent that employees cannot take time to perform work with the Environment in Mind.