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Standard Design Central Heating (CH) Heat Exchangers

Central Heating system breaks tend to be used to separate and protect a new boiler or Primary heat source from an old heating circuit that may leave dirt or debris in the boiler.

Most Central Heating design duties using a system break tend to be the same or very similar for 90% of the time with the Primary hot water supplied from the boiler at 85 oC and the secondary radiator heating circuit designed to raise the water from 70 oC to 82 oC in line with the original Delta t design of the radiators installed. With this in mind AEL have standardised all the technical information needed with prices below based on your heating systems demand and KW available from your boiler or heat source.

You will see technical information and prices for each central heating duty from 30KW up to 1000KW as a standard item that can be purchased online or direct with the sales office with the facility to enquire about bespoke designs or to ask general technical questions specific to your installation.


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