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Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchangers

When looking at the design of a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Plate Heat Exchanger for a Hotel , Hospital , Residential property etc the core principle of the design tends to always be the same (or very similar) with the Primary hot water circuit from a boiler or other heat source supplied at 80 oC which in turn heats the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) circuit from 10 oC to 60 oC to supply each tap or shower outlet with hot water.

With this standard duty in mind AEL have created a selection of quick to view DHW Plate Heat Exchangers ranging from 30KW up to 1000KW so you can quickly see all the Plate Heat Exchanger Prices and Technical Information needed for your project based on your systems demand and the KW available from your boiler or heat source.

The “quick to view” range is useful when looking at a project out of normal office hours so please remember that we can provided for far higher outputs or flow rates if you telephone or e mail our technical office to ask for non standard designs or to just ask a  technical question specific to your installation.

AEL Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Plate Heat Exchangers can be supplied with or without a control panel and valves or just as a Plate/Gasket unit or Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger unit controlled elsewhere.

In practice both types of heat exchanger transfers energy following the same principle of the hot Primary Circuit heating the cooler Secondary circuit to 60 oC.


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