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AEL Swimming Pool Plate Heat Exchangers - With or Without Pumps and Controls.

AEL purpose made Swimming Pool Plate Heat Exchangers are available in three high quality models providing you with a choice to decide which would best suit your project.

A. Fully controlled module c/w Control Panel, Pump, Modulating valve and sensors.

B. As unit “A” above excluding Control Panel, Pump, Modulating valve and sensors.

C. A highly efficient self cleaning (100%) 316 Stainless Steel Bonded PHE, (Copper and Nickel free) suitable for both Chlorine and Salt Water swimming pools.

The AEL quick to view Standard selection range Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers shown on this website have been designed to heat a pool of a specific volume to a temperature of 28.5 oC but higher outputs and other temperature designs are available.

AEL can of course heat any swimming pool up to the desired temperature in any period of time if that is what is required but we would recommend that a structural engineer is consulted to assess the stresses of your pool prior to starting the heating up procedure.

If a pool is heated too quickly, the difference between the temperature of the water and the pool shell can result in thermal shock causing structural and tiling failure to occur. Thermal shock occurs when a thermal gradient causes different parts of the pools structure to expand at different times causing stresses and strains on the structure. When these stresses eventually overcome the strength of the structural material they may well cause cracks to appear


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