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The AEL “easy to use” Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger sizing calculator shown on the website only requires the KW output for a full technical quotation that includes prices.


  1. Go to home page and select the type of installation that best suits your project.
  2. Once you have selected the type of installation you then “select the model or type of Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger” you require.
  3. When you have selected your preferred type or model of heat Exchanger you then only need to “type in the KW power” that your project requires ( Temp Rise x 4.2 x Flow Rate l/s = KW ).
  4.  When the KW power required has been selected the page will automatically refresh and re calculate the technical duty information and price on the page for you to use for your specification or to purchase.
  5. If the duty shown is not quite what you required then all you need to do is increase or decrease the KW input to automatically alter the duty.

NOTE: Altering the KW required will change the duties for each type of installation shown in the filter apart from the “Swimming Pool” heat exchangers where the pool volume is changed instead of the KW.

The principle that heat will always leave the warmer fluid and that heat energy will be transferred to the colder fluid must be understood when working with Plate Heat Exchangers.

With any plate type heat exchanger, the heat will instantaneously pass through the plates that separates the hot and cold fluid heating up the colder fluid.

Heat will always be transferred from a hot medium to a cold medium and there must always be a temperature difference between the fluids. The heat lost by the hot fluid will be equal to the amount of heat gained by the cold fluid except for standing thermal losses that are usually minimal.

AEL have already standardized a large selection of Heat Exchanger duties for:

  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Plate Heat Exchanger sizing calculator.
  • Central Heating System Break Plate Heat Exchanger sizing calculator.
  • Swimming Pool Plate Heat Exchanger sizing calculator.
  • Wall Mounted Substations Plate Heat Exchanger sizing calculator. .

Contact AEL If you have a technical question at