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Old cast iron radiators still do have a certain charm associated to them and can have a re sale value depending on whether you are buying or selling.

If you are selling old used Cast Iron Radiators it is best to sell them “as seen” rather than providing any guarantee of service life. It is impossible to know how old a used Cast Iron radiator is and how much more service they could possibly give before joints and the casting will start to fail.

Parts for very old Cast Iron Radiators such as joining gaskets and fittings will not be available and even if the gaskets and fittings were available the sections may not be able to be parted to effect a repair because they have rusted together over time and will not budge.

If you are buying a used cast iron radiator it is advisable to get a written guarantee for at least three years covering the repair of all the joints and replacement sections should a leak occur plus replacement of the whole radiator should the radiator purchased not be able to be repaired.

Even though a Cast Iron Radiator may look perfect externally because of sand blasting and an excellent painted finish the damage will always occur from the inside usually because of poor storage.

When any radiator is removed from a sealed heating system the inside of the radiator will rust very quickly and start to corrode through oxidation, this occurs when fresh air circulates around the inside of the radiator rather than central heating water.

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