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Old original cast iron radiators conjure images of a nostalgic romantic era which is understandable and probably the main reason for the purchase in the first place but they become available for a variety of reasons and are often salvaged from scrap yards, schools, churches, hospitals etc so a practical approach is required to make an informed choice.

It is important that when a cast iron radiator is salvaged it is cleaned and all the old paint is removed, once this is done every section must be split and a new gasket fitted at the top and bottom of each section, only then can it be re painted and pressure tested.

If the salvaged radiator sections are not fitted with new gaskets that are fit for purpose problems will occur a few months later with gaskets failing or even pin holes in the cast iron appearing due to the wall thickness having corroded internally usually because the radiators were stored outdoors until cleaned.

The accessories for the radiators are also a problem as the original nipples, gaskets and fittings will not be available so the nearest fit would need to be used to sell them.


New cast iron radiators that are manufactured in Europe are every bit as high in quality as the refurbished radiators were when they were first manufactured, you just have to find the right style you are looking for. Not only are the new cast iron radiators exact replicas of the salvaged radiators they come with the added value of having a choice of heights and depths in the same style so you can vary lengths and heights to suit each room.

Being CE approved the outputs shown on each product are guaranteed so you know you will be providing the heat required or your room as efficiently as possible.

All the section joining nipples and gaskets are brand new and all accessories are available should you decide later to add sections or split one radiator to make two, the radiators are stored indoors in a primer finish ready for painting.