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AEL provide a very helpful technical service and are available to discuss your requirements. We have put together some frequently asked questions below for you to consider when looking to install your AEL trench heating system. Each product in the AEL trench heating catalogue comes with its own product specific installation requirements and these must be read and take priority over the FAQ shown below.

What is the recommended distance away from a floor level full fronted window that a trench heater should be installed
The recommended distance between an AEL trench heater and a full faced window is usually between 20cm to 30 cm.

How do I control the heat from a trench heater?
The control of the trench heating is nearly always done by using thermostatic valves and thermostatic control sensor units. Thermostatic valve should be installed on the heating element inside the trench, while the control unit is fitted on the wall in a heated room similar to a radiator system.

What is the length of a thermostatic sensor capillary?
The length of the capillary supplied by AEL is usually 2m long.

Which side of the trench heater should the fan be nearest – window side or room side?
This does vary depending on the model being used. The fan assisted trench heater should be kept on the window side but the fan on the some fan assisted convector units should be installed on the room-side so best check the product specification or contact the AEL technical department when you know which unit is being used.

Can we place a thermostatic sensors inside the trench?
No, do not install the thermostatic head inside the trench. This will give a false reading as the ambient temperature within the heater is far warmer than the room so the thermostat will turn the unit off when it reaches the set point temperature and the room will not reach the required temperature

What kit can be expected to be supplied in a standard trench heating unit
Check the product specification but as a guide, the standard equipment supplied with a trench heating unit would be :

1. Galvanised Casing

2. Copper / Aluminium Heat Exchanger

3. Deaerating Valve

4. Levelling Brackets

What is the recommended length of a trench heater when being installed under a window or along patio door?
It is recommended that the length of the trench heating is at least equal or greater than the length of a window or door.