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Please follow the instructions to safely and securely install an AEL electric cast iron radiator:

1. After fitting the wall brackets or stays the installer will insert an electrical element into the radiator through one of the entry points on the bottom.

2. The second entry point on the bottom is then sealed off by a blanking plug.

3. You will then need to fill the radiator with plain water using the third inlet/entry point on top of the radiator. You should then introduce an inhibitor such as Sentinel X100 together with water.

4. Please remember not to fill the radiator to the top but to leave an inch or two gap for heated water to expand and move freely inside the radiator.

5. Once the radiator is filled with water, get a trained electrician to complete the wiring and place the radiator onto the wall using the brackets supplied.

6. You will then turn the

heating element
to full power and wait for the water to get as hot as possible allowing water to expand freely while the top inlet point is open.

7. Only after the water is fully heated, will you need to insert the air vent and plug into the top inlet points using a spanner (in other words, do not completely seal the radiator when the water is still cold or warming up).

8. Sealing the top inlet point after the water is heated will mean that no pressure is built up during the first usage.


The Sentinel X100 Inhibitor X100L-60ML-GB – 60ml is a specially developed formulation to protect standalone electrically heated water-filled cast iron radiators such as the AEL Victoriana , Viceroy , Royal , Bohemian and Art Deco.


  • Manufacturer code: X100L-60ML-GB
  • Works in static environments
  • Effectively controls scale and corrosion
  • Helps prevent the formation of hydrogen gas
  • Protects all water-filled radiators
  • Suitable for all metals including aluminium
  • Free dosing adapter
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable