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You can save money by avoiding heating parts of your home that are unoccupied or need lower temperatures at certain times of the day, for example bedrooms may not need heating when a lounge does. You can have separate central heating circuits with their own programmer and room thermostat and control those zones by using a series of Motorised Control Valves as shown in Circuit A or a series of Variable Speed Pumps that slow down or speed up depending on the demand from each circuit as shown on Circuit “B”. You can also avoid heating your DHW cylinder when it is not required during a weekday when the family is at work and school.

Circuit A

Circuit B

Main Zonal System Controller
The main zonal system controller will turn the boiler on if required and increase or decrease the hot water supply from the boiler to your central heating or DHW primary circuit (or zone) depending on the demand for heat when you do or do not need it.

The controller will be pre programmed with “on” and “off” time periods as well as temperature limits. A zonal system controller should also let you turn the central heating and domestic hot water on and off at different times and vary the temperature limits with manual overrides.